Thursday, May 10, 2007

re: "Paths of Glory" & "Private Ryan"

Thought about it for a short time, and posted the following in these broken segments, as I collected my feelings and memory of a this film, from a long while back.
I will not try to give a review of the Tom Hanks or the other characters performances, because I don't have the credentials for evaluating these.
I can just mention the movie was tolerable and very shallow with development of the Ryan character when they finally found him.
Why didn't Ryan tell us he was interested in finding out how this whole
effort came about and why, in detail.
How he felt, before he decided to sacrifice himself.
With his death, the mission was aborted, and enabled the movie to end on a patriotic note.
Personally, I like "Paths of Glory" with Kirk Douglas.
Made in 1957, about the antics of the French Brass and their relationship to their enlisted men in W.W.I. This feature is closer to the truth about
how wars are really fought, with guile, hidden culpability, and spin.
Only the bottom line in focus. Whatever went wrong, I wasn't at fault.