Monday, February 2, 2009

Greater Generation Joins Bloggers!

Wow !
Hardly at a loss for words..
Got so many I don't know where
to begin this special day.
The Article," The Greatest Generation
Remembers" published in the
Feb. 2nd Republican American
generated a flow of traffic to my Blog
that made me re-read what was
so impressive.
Holy Smoke!
My stuff is great!
I got chills reading about the
landings... and who was this
guy that wrote this?
Couldn't believe it.
It was I.
My passion overpowered my hand
and the words are a part of my soul.
My expression is stronger
than I can imagine but the results
are right to the point.
My post tonight is to thank
every person who has ever read
my Blog and encouraged me to continue.
Encouragement that made me look inward
and overcome the jeopardy of identity
exposure, and allowing me to find
peace with my thoughts.
I know there are a lot of you out there.
Get it off your Chest!
Just another day ?
Nah...just one of the best.

Beside being cathartic, my blog
has put me on the verge of Celebrity.
My special thanks to
Julie Shoemacher of the
Middlebury Public Library,
Matthew O'Rouke,Reporter
and Jim Shannon, Photographer,
of the Republican American.
These are some of many,
who made this day possible.