Friday, January 30, 2009

The Republican American Reporter

Very cold today..15 Degrees F. and expecting
to climb to 23. Some winds with a wind chill
of 7.
The Reporter, Matt O'Rourke, called and asked
if the 1:00pm we scheduled was still a go
for this afternoons interview regarding my Blog.
Confirming I said yes,
and to "come on down".
It seems the unusual interest in my Blog
is because not many people "my age " blog.
Unusual ? My age? What age is that?
I don't think it is unusual at all.
Although when I walk into the bathroom
in the morning, I wonder who the
guy in the medicine chest mirror is..
And what is he doing in my house!
I am as young as you are on any
given part of the day.
I never let the man in the mirror leave
the house with me.
So what is all the fuss about having
a blog?
It appears to be that many people
my age have more important things to
do with their lives than waste it away
finding out about all these
new fangled things called computers.
I was intrigued in 1996 and took advantage
of The Hunterdun High School of
Flemington N.J. offering classes
for Seniors to attend after
3:00 pm every Thursday, instructed
by students, for an introduction to computers
and the Internet.
Two years later I had my own Computer.
In 2006 I noticed a pamphlet in the
Middlebury Library with regard
to an easy way to open a "blog".
I took the pamphlet home and
I became a Blogger.
It took me 6 months to figure
out what I was going to blog about.
My service in the U.S.Army
was a very important part of
my life and I thought,
why not!
Matt O'Rouke is ringing
my doorbell.
The interview went very well.
I might have run off at the mouth
a little bit but I think it went pretty
good considering how nervous I was.
Mr. O'Rouke led my gently but firmly
through the maze of ideas I had
pre-supposed to be important.
In the end they were extraneous.
Thank you Matt O'Rouke.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Republican American Photographer

Today we had snow storm that stopped most of the

buses from bringing students to school

closing all the classes in the Waterbury area.

I was supposed to have been interviewed today

by a reporter from the local newspaper

called The Republican American.

The Middlebury Library gave my Blog

information to the reporter and

he requested an interview with me

concerning my ability to meet with him

at 1:00 this afternoon.

I agreed, but the bad weather forced

him to reschedule the interview

to tomorrow at 1:00 pm.


They asked if a photographer could

take some pictures today at my home.

Well, of course it would be great,

because there was no way that I

was going to be busy with all the snow.

I thought that the pictures and the interview

might generate new interest in my Blog.

New interest is what I needed to give me

the additional incentive to become more

active in my Blog submissions.

I now realise that my stuff should

have some kind of frequency in order

for it to be of interest to the casual

searcher. To publish my stuff as soon as

I thought of it, instead of waiting 3 or 4 months

until it was all thoroughly thought

out and lost spontaneity.

Starting today I will do just



There will be more tomorrow !

The Photographer, Jim Shannon, came, took

his pictures and left me fully elated

because of the excellent way this

snowy day turned out.