Sunday, November 11, 2012

Oldest Military Blogger Recalls Armistice Day 1932.
Veterans of the World War, Living and Fallen Remembered.
The War to end all Wars did not have a number after it'
Less than 25 years later, we started to call it, WWI.

I was ten.
Attending my senior semester of Elementary School.
P.S.4 was located on the south side of Rivington Street
of the lower east side of Manhattan.
Class 6B was a home room where students did not move from
room to room to change subjects of study.
Miss Kennedy was the Home Room Teacher of Class 6B.
All our teachers were addressed as, Miss
We had no male teachers in the building.
Hoover was the President, the Country was in a state of Depression,
 and I lived three Blocks from the school.
Walking distance.
There was no School Transportation other than High School.
Armistice Day was a regular school day..
All our Classes participated in their Home Room.
At 11 A.M. on November the 11th, the school bell rang to announce
two minutes of silence, with each student's head lowered,
onto their folded arms, on their desktop.
The Church bells from the street sounded, at a solemn toll
for those 2 minutes.
Miss Kennedy sobbed and wept, openly.
At the end of classes that day,Miss Kennedy, an heiress to the
McCormick and Kennedy Trucking Fortune, got into her
chauffeur driven Rolls Royce parked at the front gate of the school,
and I walked home.