Monday, April 23, 2007

Daily Visit

Made up my mind to visit my Blog every day
just to say hello.
All comments and requests for information
will be dealt with immediately .
Have not dealt with my own Profile yet but it is due soon.


Miselaineous said...

Be advised! Don't waste your time typing comments in the "Leave your comment" text box before you have a Google Username and Password available below it. Everything you type will disappear unless you get these set-up first. Without Usrnm & Psswd you will be unable to submit comment.
Enough warnings, now to the comments I wanted to make originally. What are the important issues that you wish to discuss in this blog? Why did you create it? Who do you hope will respond and post comments? Whose blog do you read and contribute too. What is important to you? What do you wish to impart? What do you hope to learn? Good luck! I just gave your blog address to Dr. Karen Levy at UT who will pass it along to Normandy related vets, scholars, etc. It should be provocative once it gets going.

sbarone said...

Hello I am from Oxford High School and we are doing an assignment based on your blog. This is a test to view how it will look in the future.
Stephen N. Barone
Social Studies Department Chaiperson