Thursday, May 3, 2007

Blog Reasoning

I created this Blog simply because I could.
I am very proud in acquiring minimal computer skills at my age and would like to share some of my old "fuddy duddy" views with anyone
willing to listen.
Hopefully I can hold the interest of any prospective Blogger, digging
for a look at the last 75 years of my opinion or recollection.

1 comment:

Miselaineous said...

You are terrific and very hip as always Dad. You have a lot to say and I am glad to hear it. Your computer skills are better than many of the over 50yr. old students I see every day, so don't be so hard on yourself.

FYI: Found in our juvenile collection today, A book w/interesting title "My Name is America: the joutnal of Scott Pendleton Collins A WWII Soldier***Normandy France, 1944." I enjoyed reading it although it was prob. meant for 6th graders. I bet you could have written something similar. Worth your investigation? Ask your helpful librarian.