Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Republican American Photographer

Today we had snow storm that stopped most of the

buses from bringing students to school

closing all the classes in the Waterbury area.

I was supposed to have been interviewed today

by a reporter from the local newspaper

called The Republican American.

The Middlebury Library gave my Blog

information to the reporter and

he requested an interview with me

concerning my ability to meet with him

at 1:00 this afternoon.

I agreed, but the bad weather forced

him to reschedule the interview

to tomorrow at 1:00 pm.


They asked if a photographer could

take some pictures today at my home.

Well, of course it would be great,

because there was no way that I

was going to be busy with all the snow.

I thought that the pictures and the interview

might generate new interest in my Blog.

New interest is what I needed to give me

the additional incentive to become more

active in my Blog submissions.

I now realise that my stuff should

have some kind of frequency in order

for it to be of interest to the casual

searcher. To publish my stuff as soon as

I thought of it, instead of waiting 3 or 4 months

until it was all thoroughly thought

out and lost spontaneity.

Starting today I will do just



There will be more tomorrow !

The Photographer, Jim Shannon, came, took

his pictures and left me fully elated

because of the excellent way this

snowy day turned out.


Anonymous said...

Don't Stop!

Anonymous said...

This is a winner

Anonymous said...

I have thought truer words were never spoken when I heard " you've never really lived until you've almost died" Myself being a Vietnam Combat Veteran, I couldn't agree more. Amen

Anonymous said...

Just read your story in the republican american newpaper.Please keep what your doing you are a great american god bless.

solfine said...

Thank you.
Blessings are very welcomed.