Saturday, June 6, 2009

Oldest Military Blogger's 65th D Day Anniversary

My calender tells me. 
Honor Veterans.
Fly The Flag.
D Day.

My 65th Anniversary.
Almost over.
My Thoughts to all Service Men And Women.
Thank You.
To all Veterans I add,

Thank You For Your Service.   


Anonymous said...

Happy D-Day Anniversary soldier. Keep on blogging.

Travis said...

I found this blog through Hope Radio. She made mention of you in her D-Day post. I'm going to bookmark so I can take some time and read your thoughts.

For today, I wish to say thank you for your service. You and your fellows have my deepest respect and eternal gratitude.

kevin.a.manley said...

My great uncles jumped on D-day and seeing your entries brings back their stories; thanks so much for your service.