Monday, November 11, 2013

OMB Honors Service Served..

November 11, 2013.

Today, We Honor the Memory of Those who have Fallen in the Service
of Their Country, and Those who Survived the Ordeal and Passed On.

May They Rest in Peace.

Today, I join you in Honoring the Military Servicemen and Women
who are representing the United States, Serving all over the World
and here at Home. My Best Wishes for their Safety and Early
Homecoming from the U.S. or Abroad ..

I know many of you may look Quizzically at my excessive Capitalization.
Hey .....It's the Way I Feel About It !

Thank You For Your Service.


phred3176 said...

Happy Veteran's Day to you OMB

kimalso said...

Thank YOU for your service!

OldAFSarge said...

Right back at you Sir!

Anonymous said...

Happy Veterans Day from a german girl!
Thank you for liberating our country. Thank you for your sacrifice. God bless you!

Ron said...

Thank you as well for your service

Pat Tillett said...

You may capitalize as you see fit, my friend!

Right back at you Sol! Thank you for your service.
I get two days in a row. The 10th is the Marine Corps Birthday and Veteran's Day today.

Hope you are doing well.

solfine said...

Phred3176, Thank You..
Kimalso, Thank You....
OldAF Sarge, Thank You.
Pat Tillett. Thank you.

You Guys really responded before
I woke from my nap.....
feeling good and Happy for your
Timely visit to get me out of my funk.
Thank you ....
For Your Service Served,
My Good Friends..

HWPT said...

thank you for your service Solomon.



solfine said...

Sean,I welcome you to view my efforts to do the Right Thing when I Post....
Thank you for your Service !

Pat Tillett said...

Hi Sol!
I thought about you today and thought I'd stop by and check in.
I hope you are having a nice Memorial Day weekend and that you are doing well.
Take care...