Tuesday, May 27, 2014

OMB On Memorial Day 2014

A little late in the day to publish but, after a great movie I was inspired.

I live alone and have people coming to my home,from a well known Medical Agency, seven days a week,  to help me with some personal chores and to deal with my physical insufficiency
This past Friday, I was notified by this service agency, that today was a national holiday to Honor our Military Service men and women and no one would be able to help  me Monday. May 26, Memorial Day...
I thought this was humorous and pathetic and to get me over my displeasure, I mellowed out with
good things to say to them,  the first chance got......

Spent the day scrounging around for things to do, like naps, TV, crossword puzzles...and more naps.
While watching the movie,"The Story of G.I. Joe ",a phone call from my Daughter wishing me, her very  best Wishes and her Love, was my inspiration at the film ending with a tribute to the fallen heroes of our Military .
The Movie, Robert Mitchum and Burgess Meredith hook up with the 18 Infantry in North Africa,
island hopping to Italy and finally to Casino. Burgess portrays the roll of Ernie Pyle, a Pulitzer Prize
War Correspondent who lived in the turmoil of the 18th Infantry and its GI's ....
He writes and finishes the Film with ...

This is our War
And we carry it from one battleground to another
Until it's over
And we win it.
I hope we can rejoice with the Victory
But Humbly....and all together we will try,                      
Try out of the memory of our anguish,
To assemble our broken world
Into a pattern, so fair, so firm,
That another Great War can never again be possible
And for those beneath the wooden crosses,
There is nothing we can do except.
To pause and murmur,
"Thanks Pal, Thanks"

Until Next Time, I Thank you for Your Service.


Pat Tillett said...

Hi Sol! Nice to see your post and I hope that you are doing well.
I'd say that what happened was more pathetic than humorous.

That Ernie Pyle quote was one of the best movie endings ever! The last line pretty much sums it all up.

Thanks Pal, thanks...

Elizabeth Bacher said...

Hey Sol...I actually just reread your post from 2007 the 63rd anniversary of D-Day....I find it still today as it was then...not much has changed. But for those of us do remember...and will continue to remember their bravery and sacrifices...this day will not be forgotten....thank you for your blog...thank goodnes for you! Love Liz

solfine said...

Hi Pat,
Doing well, I'm at best, getting along just fine with all my chores and daily living needs.
Thank you for your interest and your visit.