Wednesday, June 5, 2013

OMB Celebrates D Day

Oldest Military Blogger Celebrates D Day.
“What Soldiers Do”, a shoddy book was released giving references of criminality by 
soldiers stationed in France during WWII.
Unfortunately, or was it intentionally, the week of the release corresponds
with the Memorial Day period of 2013..
A despicable time to release this trashy title to humiliate Service Persons.
Soldiers know what they do better than anybody..
More than 2 million American Servicemen in Europe, away
from their family and loved ones, mostly in England, later in France,
but earlier in Africa, and Italy, some for more than two years
Very busy keeping it together for Duty in WWII.
War is not a palatable commodity.
The opposing combatants,maybe, are sometimes,
all Morally Right, in their own way.
The winners and losers kill their enemy and themselves.
What’s moral about that.
War is bad.
Some Soldiers are bad .
They do bad things.
These Soldiers have lost their Morals.
The civilians complain to the Authorities
The Soldiers are punished.
More than 60, almost 70 years later, a Historian published
a book condemning all soldiers for what
they did in France because of a letter written in 1945,
by the Mayor of Le Havre, after the liberation of his Country.
How soon we forget.
We must remember the tens of thousands of lives
lost in the war in France, fighting for that Liberty.
That’s what that weekend is really about.
A Department of Veterans Affairs reports, at the end of World War II, there were 16 million veterans. Today, there are about 1 million. 
By 2036, it is estimated there will be no living veterans of World War II.

Thank you for your Service in any branch of the Military.
Thank you for your Service in any War, here or abroad...
Only soldiers know best, what soldiers do.
As to the 70th Anniversary of D Day on Normandy, I personally
have some business I  have to take care of then ,so I’ll stick around.
Welcome Home.



solfine said...

I Love this Post.
For those of you who know me better,
you can see, my values for June 5th, and June 6th are somewhat, equally important to me. .
Thank You for waiting.. .

Elizabeth Bacher said...

God bless you my friend...I love reading your post...especially this one...may we never forget this day in history. I went back and reread some of your prior post again during this time frame. So glad you are able to share your blog with us and give a voice to those who cannot. Received your was a lot of SNOW! Liz

Anonymous said...

Great support for the soldiers then and now !
Support for the Veterns who risked their lives for us.

War is not a pretty picture.

Three Cheers to the Veterns who loved their country enough to make it free for all of us !

We are reaping the benefits now of a greater country for our children and our Grandchildren.

Thank you Sol for being the voice of reason !

Sherrie and Alan

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sol for your service and all you do. Sooo glad you made it back. C

Anonymous said...

Most profound line in this article:
Soldiers know what to do, better than anybody else! For them, we are grateful.

How soon we forget...should really read: Let's All Remember! MBK

Pat Tillett said...

Hello my friend!
If not for those soldiers without morals, the mayor of Le Havre, might might have had to write it in German...

Of course war isn't a good thing, but when your existence as a people or a nation is on the line, you have no choice. You just do it... That war was moral, it was absolutely necessary.

I'm sorry that I can't say the same for my war (Vietnam) or many that have taken place since. Every time I hear the word "domino," I think about the "domino theory" lie that was used to justify us going to Vietnam.

Anyway, I'm sorry I haven't been around for a while, but I'm very happy to see your post!

Take care Sol...

solfine said...

Thank you Pat,
What a pleasant surprise to hear from you with the sobering morality about the War in Vietnam. Let's face it...
They all stink...So many years gone by and I still bring up the Unwashed, Death Smell of the Beach...Morality ?
always better....Can't hurt....
You can see here I'm as healthy as
can be expected....lots of Axes to grind....Keeping busy..
Come again, Pat.

Anonymous said...

Very well said as usual, Sol. I'm looking forward to more blogs from you. C

solfine said...

Thank you C, You made my Day.
Nice to have you back.

Janine Stubbs said...

Hi,Great blog. In June I wrote about my father's participation in D Day.
I just wrote a follow up. Please check it out.
It is how PaPa Reuben survived D Day and later died from injuries 35 Years later. Thank you.

solfine said...

Thank you Janine, for telling us about your Dad.
Your desire to write to his
loving memory in your life time together is great.....
Where can we see your story ???
Don't have the skills to find where
your posting is located...
Sure would be pleased to read about PaPa Reuben's experience
and survival after D Day.