Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Oldest Military Blogger! "I'm Here!"

Stephen Sondheim celebrated his 80th
Birthday, Live on PBS,  with a review
of his canon of work on Broadway, at
Lincoln Center, in New York.
At 84,Elaine Strich closed the show in song,
with a sock performance of "I'm Here",
bringing down the house with a standing
ovation to lyrics like.....
"I've seen good times and bum times.
And I'm Here"..
Stephen Sondheim,took the stage,
addressed the audience
while standing in front of the
entire Company of Players, stating...
"Alice Roosevelt, once said,
'First you're Young.
Then, you're Middle aged.
Then you're Wonderful!"

So, after 3 months of good days
and bum days, keeping me from my Blog...
I"m 90
I'm Cool!
I'm Here!
And I'm Wonderful!

Come Home, Safe and Sound and
Every day should be, Memorial Day,
Remember All of Those,
Less Fortunate.

Thank you for your Service.


Anonymous said...

Well, Cool Dude...I'm delighted You are Back! Your writings always have some intrigue! So appropriate are Elaine's lyrics and Alice's quote.
May 30th, designated as Memorial Day is a time for all to reflect...to honour...to appreciate...all services of the Military.
God Bless Them All! M

Kotch said...

You're here, and I'm sooo glad. Want you here for a L O N G time. I love the way you write.

solfine said...

Thank you for you encouragement to continue where I left off last December....

Elizabeth Bacher said...

Yea! I've been checking on your blog hoping I'll see a new post!
Glad you're feeling better and looking forward to many, many new posts! Have you had a chance to listen to the CDs I sent? Liz

solfine said...

Thank you Liz..
The CDs are great and have given me lots of enjoyment.Feeling much better every day..Will try to write more often in the future.

Pat Tillett said...

I guess this is a re-post. The posting date is several days ago, but the comment dates are a couple of years old. Anyway, I's still glad to see it. Hang in there my friend and keep on keeping on...