Thursday, June 7, 2012

Oldest Military Blogger Returns

Oldest Military Blogger Returns.

More than three years ago I started a blog without
expectations of where it would take me.
I had no plan or goal to achieve, other than to say,
I was an incognito WWII Veteran, who wanted to
share his military time with his family, his friends
and those who had very little knowledge of the
war to end all wars.
Gradually, as I proceeded blindly on the course
to my first postings, my thoughts were triggered by
emotional outpourings of wartime experiences.
The realization that My Blog was being read by lay
people with hardly any inkling of the details of
soldiering, Small insignificant details, neglected by
the Electronic Media and the Press,became my
target area.
I started to describe military insignia, military dress,
military rank and military organizations in easy
uncomplicated terms..
I became comfortable in my Blogger role and
decided to out myself on the Internet.
The Republican American Newspaper gave me
an accolade as “The Greater Generation
Joins The Blogger World.”
The article was published February 2nd and 3rd, 2009..
In the following few days every thing changed. picked up the item and published this
Front Page story including my picture, and giving me
the honorable title, Oldest Military Blogger ....
I became a Contender !
( I described this term in a previous posting)
The exposure gave me access to readers who left
endearing comments on my postings.
Some comments thanked me for jogging their
memories of loved ones who served
in the Armed Forces.
Fathers, Grandfathers, and Brothers, remembered
in Conversations by their Children, Nieces and Nephews.
How My Readers relished to recall the exploits of
their loved ones as it was related to them!!
How lucky were these readers to have had,
These Conversations.
How, unfortunately for some, in most cases,
there was only a slim chance,
for These Conversations
Lack of enthusiasm to speak about their Service
stays with discharged Veterans ....
Until they find a way to put their experiences
into words, that will be acceptable, to others.
Home, from the Horrors they have witnessed and
were caught up in, they find great difficulty in
participating in any conversation, let alone,
These Conversations.
Please !!
Give them time to realize they are HOME!
It took me 60 years....
So be very patient.......
As you were with me, in my absence.


Elizabeth Bacher said...

Glad to have you back! You are indeed a Great American! Liz

Pat Tillett said...

Hi Sol...
I haven't been by in a while. I'm glad you got to the place in your life that allowed you to let it all out. We all gain by knowing of your experiences...

Anonymous said...

You have grown into this role as Oldest Military Blogger...taking small steps initially; then as you proceeded with experiences, you have
enlightened us all...inviting us into
your "world" on a personal level. Please do continue your writings as
Inspiration directs you to transpose your memories to pen and paper.You are truly a "racanteur". M

NYDingbat said...

God bless you and eternal thanks for your brave service.

Kanani said...

Checking in! Patience? Sure I've got it. I enjoy reading through your archives and seeing the world then and now from your perspective. What a gift you have given to the world.

The Household 6 Diva said...

As the wife of an Active Duty Army Soldier, your words and descriptions of conversations left unsaid ring true. My husband has been deployed 3 times to Iraq (twice for 12mo and once for 14mo) and we are preparing for another to Afghanistan.

I look forward to reading more of your memories, experiences and perspectives.

Thank you - and Bea - for your service to our country.

Blessings from Germany,
Ann Marie

solfine said...

Ann Marie,
Thank you.
I am so happy to hear that you use the term "deploy".
The word "tour" is an insult to our Servicemen and Women.
It is not a "tour" for them and IT IS NOT A TOUR FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.
My heartfelt blessing to you and yours.
Be stoic and stand fast.