Thursday, June 7, 2012

Oldest Military Blogger Memorial Day 2011

Oldest Military Blogger Memorial Day 2011

Today, Memorial Day,2011, is for rememberance
of the fallen in the service of our Country
Today, Senior Veterans, who survived the
turmoils of “long ago”, honor and recall the
service of those who never made it home.

Today, proportionally, one of every thirty
Seniors is a Service Veteran on Social Security ..

Today, I ask you to remember, a World War ll
Veteran, dies every day, of illness,old age
or boredom

Today,those of us who are left, depend
on our Government, to live up to their
agreement with us, toward the Retirement
we worked and paid for our entire working life ..

Today, the Congress is looking for ways
to evade the responsibility they promised.

Today, my Social Security benefit is called, an Entitlement

I paid cash for my Social Security Insurance!
Just because they borrowed the money
does not make my Benefit a Charity, like
a Congressional handout...
Congressional, free Medicare, outrageous
retirement packages, 67 paid Holidays,
3 weeks paid vacations, unlimited paid sick days and
a Cost of Living Adjustment.
Sounds like Welfare to me...and they have the nerve to
call my retirement benefit,....ENTITLEMENT?
We Are Broke.
We are unable to take care of our Senior Veterans.
Wake Up!
Tomorrow, you will all be on Social Security Insurance.
Today.....think about Tomorrow!.
I Thank You For Your Service.


Pat Tillett said...

Hi there Sol!
I hope you are doing well and having a good day. I agree, it's a crying shame what they are trying to do. This is where I'd like to say "those stupid lying bastards" but I won't...

Anonymous said...

Sol..your message is very clear and poignant! The "higher-ups" are the "ruling justice"...which is truly unjust!

solfine said...

My Dear Pat,
So nice to hear words of encouragement from my friends in this regard, because I put myself through a lot of anguish before I posted this monster.
Really glad,now, that it's here.
Saw months of television newscasts and got kinda fed up with the abuse
the Veterans are getting in and out of Service