Thursday, June 7, 2012

Oldest Military Blogger Resurrection Woodstock & Phil Ochs

The first time I heard the term, Woodstock,
was the first week in August, 1969.
Vacationing in the Concord Hotel area
with my Family, in upstate New York,
with intense traffic conditions prevailing,
we were taken by surprise.
My teen Daughter asked my wife and I
about attending the Woodstock Festival
with a friend whose Father would take
them and bring them back...
We were very happy to approve this request
because White Lake, was only a 15 minute
ride from where we were staying.
Little did I know, that I would be pressed into
an Heroic role, to rescue them, when the rains
Today, I still get the repercussions of The
Woodstock Festival and the Performers
who made a profound impression on America's
One such Performer was Phil Ochs, with a
rendition of a song called,
What are We Fighting For".
An expression of his personal feeling about
the Viet Nam "engagement", in its early
In January of 2011, Phil Ochs was given a
Posthumous celebration of his Artistry
in New York City.
The Celebration included, movies and Entertainers
who sang his stuff and Film of Phil, his Music
and Lyrics.
"I Aint Marchin Any More" was Featured
in the Films.
Fascinating lyrics of the Artist, Phil Ochs,
in his short 30 years of life, produced the following...

I Aint Marching Any More.

Oh, I marched to the Battle of New
Orleans at the end of the Early
British Wars.
This Young Land started Growin,
This Young Blood started Flowin.
I Aint Marchin Any More.

It's Always the Old Who lead to War,
It's Always the Young to Fall.
Now look at all we've won
with the Saber and the Gun, tell me,
Is It Worth, At All....

For I Stole California from Mexican Land
Fought in a Bloody Civil War.
Yes, I killed my Brothers and Many Others.
I Aint Marchin Any More.

For I Marched to the Battles of
The German Trench, in a War bound
to End All Wars.
Well I must have Killed a Million Men,
Now They Want Me Back Again,
I Aint Marchin Any More.

Well I Flew The Final Mission
in Japanese Skies,
Set Off The Mushroom Roar.
When I Saw the Cities Burnin
I Knew I was Learnin.
I Aint Marchin Any More.

Now the Labor Leaders Screaming
when they Close a Missile Plant.
United Fruit Screams at Cuban
Call it Peace or Call it Treason,
Call it Love or Call it Reason
I Aint Marchin Any More.
I Aint Marchin Any More.

Today is my 89th Birthday..and
it is my privilege to close with
the following Thoughts.

is a WW l Film.
This Movie won the 1930 Academy award for
Best Picture of the Year.
It also has a Foreword before the start of this
Heralded feature, which I repeat here.

"This story is neither an accusation nor
a confession and least of all, an adventure,
...for Death is not an adventure to those
who stand,face to face with it.
It will try simply to tell of a generation
of Men, who, even though they have
survived and escaped its shelling,
were Destroyed by The War."

I use these endearing snippets to make
my world known to those who read me.
These snippets may give you the idea
that I am Anti War.
You Might be Absolutely, Correct.!


Anonymous said...

Someone who wants to know about war, should
"ask a soldier"! He's been there, seen that, done that!
His experiences are most poignant...more than any media could ever begin to portray! (M)

solfine said...

Well said...Thank you for your comment today.

CI-Roller Dude said...

wow, "it's one two three, what are we fighting for? Don't ask me I don't give a .....
Good music....but the hippies kind of messed things up.

Anonymous said...

You're 89? You've got my Dad by about two years. He enlisted in June or July '42 after he graduated from high school. He got out in '46 and went back in a couple years later. He retired in 1967 when Vietnam was heating up. He'd had enough. He's still pretty healthy and just started talking about his experiences a few years ago. Thank you for your service!!
Bill R.

Robin said...

We heard you celebrated a birthday recently! Sandra and Robin from Military Mom Talk Radio wish you happiness and best wishes.

Vinman said...

Happy 89th dear friend! I was in the service of my country, during the Woodstock days, so I don't have any memories of that event.

Although I have some issues with the song, like you say, the longer your in the service or fight for your country the more you abhor war.

Again, happy birthday,

Sgt. Mac ;)

solfine said...

Thank you for your best wishes and your comments...I could not be more pleased when I read the wonderful
piece in Milblogging about my birthday..I guess the new medium is really as fast as they say....
Will try to write more often than I've been doing lately.
So rewarding...You make a guy feel great. Thanks

Sherrie said...

You have given us a different look at War through your eyes. A very emotive entry on a part of your life you experienced for us to share and understand. I remember Woodstock more than the War... I was only in Grade 9 or so and War and the so called Peace at Woodstock were both beyond my reach ... Thank God !
Keep up the good work for our Knowledge !
Sherrie & Alan

solfine said...

How nice to have you back again with your timely comment...Thank you Sherrie and Alan...Glad to have your always.